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31 mars 2013 7 31 /03 /mars /2013 18:54
(Here the vidéos and the article in French http://0z.fr/NTPnC)

I make you an easy done translation

"The dynamic architecture is gaining control between the two, is to integrate the space between two structural envelope and randomly generated building activity on the edge. "Transparency to let people see" Bernard Tschumi

"In the gap of the two envelopes as architecture" (Bernard Tschumi about Zénith de Rouen) issue of ownership between the two. About Fresnoy, "in-between the new roof and old industrial roofs is enabled by the system gateways. " Between the two shells (envelopes) is the space of artisctic appropriation.
"The dynamic architecture reflects the activity happening inside the building. All areas of activity are focused towards this movement space that suddenly becomes event. There are 3 people or 1500, there will always be activity since not everyone in this place with obviously some architectural tricks ... " Bernard Tschumi

« We see how we can integrate this idea of course the idea of the structure. "This gives allows to reveal itself in the course within the structure. We can take the example of the Brooklyn Bridge, "the fictitious volume compiled by all the guys and cables. It feels within which it feels like inside a structure. And engineers have often had occasion to go to extraordinary structures. there is a structure in which you can go and not so great in terms of visible but is interesting from the point of view of meaning, the Brunelleschi dome in Florence. When you walk between these two arches (ie the dome and the dome), you're in this vacuum that door. The great invention of Brunelleschi, that is inertial put there in the void and the walk in this empty. I have always been marked by the idea that we could integrate this vacuum through the vacuum. There are other magnificent structures. One day we could go in the double arch of the Grand Palais for example. This structure is extraordinary! ... Hangers in the cathedral of Chartres! For example, places that are not places where one feels familiar, but this structure as an empty carrier. » Marc Mimram, constructor of Solferino Bridge in Paris.
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